Google Is Stalking Me

So you all know that I took a trip recently. On the way home, I was sitting in a bar during a layover enjoying a far too over-priced beer at the Montreal airport while doodling in my travel journal, when I noticed something strange on my Google homepage.

When I opened the Google app on my phone, below the search bar where it usually displays weather and stuff, was this:


Google knew exactly which flight I was taking and decided to be overly helpful and display it’s details and status without any prompting.

I get that Google got the details from my email, but still. It’s kinda creepy. Like the stalker that would make an incredible assistant because they already know your schedule, except for the fact that they’re totally stalking you.

Please stop stalking me Google. Also, everyone knows that the key to a good relationship is trust and I can’t trust you if you’re reading my emails behind my back without my permission. That’s like relationship 101 Google.

Get your shit together.

And also thank you. That was super helpful.

I really don’t know how to feel here.

PS – this is the doodle I was working on when I discovered that Google was stalking me. Oddly very apt.