New favourite music stuffs!

Hillsburn is playing our Blues & Jazz music festival tomorrow, and I’m pumped. Two weeks ago, one of my dear friends (and total music buff) was like; “Have you heard of Hillsburn?” and I was like; “Nope” but then she put on the CD and I had totally heard one of their songs before. So I’m totes hip.

I don’t know what it is about my particular corner of the world, but here in the East Coast incredible artists and creators are literally dripping out of our walls. Literally. It’s kind of creepy actually.

Anyway, I think they must be spiking the water or something. And as long as they’re already spiking the water with talent, they might as well throw some LSD in there too. (Is that still a cool drug? I don’t know what the kids are taking these days.) Would make for a super interesting Saturday. That way we can all chase the dragons in the kitchen.

I’ve gotten off-topic.

Back to Hillsburn. These are some of my favs from their album “In the Battle Years”. Definitely worth taking a listen.

I also really love the last song from that album; “Billy”, but I can’t find a version that will play for me on YouTube so I don’t wanna link it. It’s on Spotify though, and I highly recommend taking a listen. Cause it’s super dark. Spoiler: It’s about murder. But it’s got a super catchy riff so it’s okay.

I don’t know if this will work for yas, but let’s give it a whirl:

I’ve heard they put on a pretty epic live show, but even if they have an off-night I’ll likely be mildly intoxicated and drunk me is super easy to impress, so I win either way. Yay me!

If you see me at the show, yes – that is a flask in my purse and no, you can’t have some.

BTWs, the Storytelling Gig went off without a hitch, and as soon as I get the press pictures I’m gonna tell you all about it. It was awesome.

Here’s a backstage picture I took from another Small Halls show that I MC’d in the meantime:

I’m basically a music photographer now.

PS – I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this (cause duh) but drugs are bad. Don’t do them.

PPS – Unless they’re prescribed to you. Then take the drugs.

PPPS – This also feels like an appropriate time to point out that ‘sharing is caring’.


I’m away doing musical things, Part two

So remember last year when I worked a musical festival? Well, I’m doing that again this year so I’m working (usually) from 9am until midnight. I was laying in bed last night and I opened up Google and it was like “you are 6 minutes from home”.

I’m working so much that that Google has reassigned ‘home’ to my office.

Things are so busy that I was halfway though writing this on Friday (40 words in) and I got sidetracked and never finished.

Don’t take my silence right now for a lack of love – cause you are all rockstars – I’m just swamped.

I do have a kick-ass post lined up for next week about a pizza adventure though! It’s much more funny than it sounds right now, I promise.

I drew a picture on fingers of how I felt about all of you!

I drew a picture on fingers of how I felt about all of you!

And now I feel old. I’m terrible at titles. I’m sorry.

So I wrote this post today – Tuesday – and then totally realized that it made an awesome Throwback Thursday piece.  Last Thursday, I posted about a note I found in the wall of a restaurant instead.  So this is like a late ‘Throwback Thursday’ piece.  I’m a TERRIBLE blogger.

OR, really this could be THIS week’s ‘Throwback Thursday’ and that means that I’m totally early.  Which makes me a SUPER awesome blogger and I’m just ahead of the game. 

I’m going with SUPER awesome.

I should probably just wait and post this on Thursday.  But I’m not.  So you’re welcome.  Or I’m sorry.  One of those.


I have a tendency to place too much sentimental value on things but I’m also OCD so it balances out  I’m totally not a hoarder may be a bit of a pat rat so I’m always trying to pair down my stuff.  I go on cleaning binges sometimes that focus on a certain area of my life – and for the past few days I’ve addressed music.  Partially this was digital (downloading new music, deleting old music, making sure my iTunes had album artwork) and part of this was physical.  By which I mean CDs (remember those?). I’m the type of person who usually has a couple boxes that I never actually unpack, but just bring with me every time I move.  One of those boxes was a box of CDs.  And I actually totally went through it today.

So I got rid of half of my CDs, and in the process found one by an artist that a relation of mine liked.  She also happens to be a little younger than I am.  I called her to see if she would like it, to which she causally informed me that her computer doesn’t have an optical drive.  None of her devices do.  She had no way to play it.  She doesn’t have any CDs at all.

If she wants to share music with her friends – she makes them a YouTube playlist.

In response I sent her this picture:

The accompanying text said "This is how people USED to share music".

The accompanying text said “This is how people USED to share music”.

I also came across this one:

The hilarious part is I have no fucking idea who Mitch and Jenn are.

The hilarious part is I have no fucking idea who Mitch and Jenn are.

PS – I also can never completely remember the correct usage of too vs to.  I have a loose understanding but somehow always come across a situation where I’m really not sure.  I’ve read the definition several thousand times.

PPS – And by several thousand times I mean three.

PPPS – Ok, so I just looked up too vs. to, again, and it’s “To is a versatile preposition. A few of its many definitions are (1) toward, (2) reaching as far as, and (3) until.1 Too is an adverb meaning (1) additionally, (2) excessively, (3) very, or (4) extremely.2 Whenever you’re in doubt about whether to use to or too, see if any of those synonyms of too (i.e., additionally, extremely, etc.) would work in its place. If none fits, then to is probably the word you’re looking for.”  So I got it right.  I think.  Seriously, this is a problem.  Source.

PPPPS – Mitch and Jenn, if you’re out there, I gave your CD to goodwill.  It was in that box for years and I assumed you didn’t want it anymore.

PPPPPS – I’m sorry.

UPDATE:  Did I just end a post with I’m sorry? To people I don’t know?  Wow, it’s not hard to tell I’m Canadian.

UPDATE X2: I’m literally fighting the urge to say “I’m sorry” again as I type.  It’s a problem.  I may need therapy.