The First Snow and the Morning That Everything Went Wrong

So with the anniversary of my mother’s death last week, I apparently forgot that I write a blog. Every week. Every. Single. Friday. Morning.

I’m not kidding.

Went I got up that morning at 3:30am I went “Shit – it’s Friday! Already?!?!” so that’s why you missed a post from me last week. I’m sorry.

That was just the beginning of my troubles that morning. It was also the first snowfall of the year. When I looked out the window, debating whether or not to take a cab, I figured that the snow falling was more ‘snowy’ than ‘rainy’ so I decided to walk.

And while the ground looked like it was covered in beautiful, fluffy white snow, what I could not see from my window was that underneath the layer of snow was about a half-foot of slushy ICE-COLD HALF-FROZEN water.

Which for a normal person, would not be a problem. But NONE of my boots are water-proof. Let me just remind you that I live in Canada and I do not actually own a real pair of winter boots. Because I’m TERRIBLE at adulting.

So about two blocks into my walk I had to turn around and go home because my boots flooded with the coldest water my toes have ever had the pleasure of meeting, and I did not have the foresight to bring extra socks with me. Plus the whole frostbite thing might really slow me down at work.

Luckily, I left early enough so that this little setback was not a total disaster.  I got home, took off my already half-frozen soaking-wet socks, changed into another pair of boots that were slightly more waterproof and called a cab.

Sidenote: Not waterproof enough, because my feet got wet again later that day on my walk to my second job.  Note to self: Buy actual winter boots.

Sidenote #2: Cars, if there is a shit-ton of slushy water on the ground maybe don’t drive past pedestrians on the street at mach one speeds, pelting them with water and frozen chunks of ice. Just a thought.

Sidenote #3: Cars, I’m sorry. You’re right, muddy road-water was exactly what my outfit was missing. I didn’t realize that you were just trying to look out for me. My bad.

Sidenote #4: Seriously, I’m starting to think that little washable paintballs that I could throw at cars for splashing me might be my new small business adventure. I’d make a killing. Or get my ass kicked. Definitely one of those two things.

Ok – back to my morning. So I get home and call a cab. I’m the type of person that never actually carries cash with me. Luckily, there’s a bank right next to my work so I always stop there in these types of situations.

The other thing I couldn’t see from my window? Half the city was in a power black-out. Except my store, apparently (lucky me…). So the bank had no power. The cabbie didn’t seem too concerned about it, until I clued him in that the bank was my method of paying him. Then he got concerned about the situation along with me.

Him: “Oh, looks like the bank’s power’s out. That’s too bad.”

Me: “No, that’s actually terrible news. I don’t have any cash, I was going to get cash out here for you. That’s why I asked you let me off here instead of my store.”

Him: “Oh shit, really?”

Me: “Ya, I’m not joking about this. It’s 4:45am. It’s too early for jokes.”

Him: “Ummm…”

Me: “Do you have a card or a phone number or something? I can pay you later today when the power comes back on.”

Him: “No, I don’t really do that. Once you let someone out of your cab, it’s no longer a criminal matter if they don’t pay you. So you’ll have to pay me now.”

Me: “I don’t know what to tell you – I really don’t carry cash on me. Could I leave you my ID or something? This really isn’t an elaborate hoax to rip you off. If I could somehow orchestrate cutting the bank’s power, I would just rob the bank. Not rip off a single cab ride.”

Him: “You could just get your ID replaced.”

Me: “It would cost me more to replace my driver’s license than just pay you for the cab.”

Him: “It’s happened.”

Me: “…”

Him: “…”

Him: “I wonder where the closest ATM is with power? There’s a bank on the other side of town…”

Me: “No, I can’t leave. You don’t understand – I have to open this building so that other people can get in and start their work days. I had to do that 5 minutes ago.”

Him: “Could you get money in your store?”

Me: “No, our store doesn’t open until 9:30am, our systems aren’t even online yet.”

Him: “…”

Me: “…”

Me: “I’m out of ideas. And I really have to go.”

Him: “Oh wait! I think I have a debit machine in here… just one sec.”

Me: “You’ve got to be kidding me…”

And he did! He held me hostage in his cab for 10 minutes, and he had a debit machine the whole time.

The I got into the store, and the phone is ringing off the hook because my entire team has decided the weather’s prevented them from getting to work. Oh except one person. Interesting note: If that one person hadn’t shown up, I could’ve gone home too. So the two of us worked with the power flicking on and off all morning – occasionally picking our way through a pitch black store… but the power never stayed off just long enough for us to go home.

Because the universe wanted me to have a terrible morning, but not so terrible I could call it quits.

Thanks universe.

This is the view from my deck in the summer vs the winter. I'm not ready yet.

This is the view from my deck in the summer vs the winter.
I’m not ready yet…

PS – At the time of this post a week later, I have yet to buy actual winter boots. See… the weather warmed up and I didn’t need them again.

PPS – I never learn.