The #1 thing NOT to say in an interview

So I’ve been job hunting, and I got called in for a second meeting to one of the places I interviewed. Just a little 10-minute ‘meet and greet’ with one of the top managers.

We get very comfortable quickly – this was a real ‘salt of the earth’ kinda guy. We’re trading jokes back and forth and I’m trying to keep the darker edge of my humour in check, but the interview was first thing in the AM so I maybe, kinda, sort-of slipped up.

Here’s what happened:

We’re talking about Islanders, and being ‘from away’, which is a term used here on the Island to distinguish between those that were born here from those who are ‘from aways’. It doesn’t matter if you moved here three days after you were born, you are ‘from aways’.

Him: “I’m, as they say, ‘from away’.

Me: “I prefer to think of myself as ‘an Islander by choice’. It’s much nicer. But I kinda like the colloquial term ‘from aways’, despite it’s elitist and exclusionary nature. I think it’s funny in a way – kind of like the southern grandma you can’t quite control but somehow find charming anyway?”

Yup, you read that right. I causally referenced the southern stereotype of political incorrectness  in an interview. And I called it charming.

There’s something wrong with me.