Doodles & Shit

I have one of those brains that never turns off.  In the middle of savasana (aka “corpse pose” – the best one!) in yoga class when I’m supposed to be focusing on breathing and clearing my mind my brain is all like “OMFG it’s hot in here.  Are there any windows we could maybe open? I hope my face isn’t that blotchy red. Stop. Focus. Clear your mind. Just count your breathing. 1.. 2.. 3.. What’s that weird stain on the ceiling? I bet it’s water damage. I should maybe take a part-time job with a construction company so that if I ever become a home-owner I can just do my own repairs. That’s smart. Oh wait. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. I wonder what I’m going to make for supper. You’re supposed to eat protein after these things. I need to go grocery shopping. What do I have to add to the list? I should maybe start keeping an actual list. Fuck. I’m terrible at this. 1.. 2.. 3..”

I still contest that it’s TOTALLY impossible to empty your mind of all thoughts and it’s probably just a brilliant marketing strategy because even the super guru students have to keep coming back and paying for classes because they just can’t seem to master the art of ‘clearing your mind’.

Anyway, the moral of this convoluted story is drawing and painting are the closest I can get to meditation.  Something about the intense focus I get on the lines, how they look, what pressure to use, where they should go in relation to one another… it’s the closest my mind gets to empty.

I would not call myself an artist.  I have many friends that are super talented, real artists.  I mainly just mimic other stuff.  But it eats up a bit of my time so I thought I’d share it with you here.


25 thoughts on “Doodles & Shit

  1. YAS MULTI-TALENTED! I only have one talent, and I’m subpar at best at writing. But yay on you for being a super cool awesome person. Can we be best friends? With Lady Dickson? She’s my favourite too.

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