Have you heard of goth chickens? Because they’re totally a thing, and they’re fantastical.

I’ve finally found my spirit animal. My patronus, for you Potter fans out there.

So pretty. Source.

This is a goth chicken.

It’s a genetic mutation, of course. All the best things are. It’s known as fibromelanosis, which just means that the birds produce 10x more melanin than your run-of-the-mill Foghorn Leghorn.

Foghorn J. Leghorn – from Looney Tunes, obviously. The greatest show from my childhood. Source.

This means that the Goth Chicken is totally black – from feathers to bones. To it’s black, black heart. The inky colour is so deep it’s iridescent in the feathers, shimmering with purples and blues.

Ermergerd look how cute that baby chick is… source.

It’s feathers, skin, bones, organs, muscle – all totally black.

Apparently, only his blood isn’t black. Cause hemoglobin and shit. Source.

How cool is that? I totally want one. I can keep a chicken in my apartment, right? Plus, in a zombie apocalypse you could eat him. Nutritious and delicious, tastes just like chicken.

I assume.