About Me


I’m really good at drinking wine.  In fact, I’m probably drinking wine right now.  Occasionally, I write stuff too.

I’m an award-winning writer (I know, it’s weird to me too), columnist, storyteller, and podcaster – in addition to holding down a 9-5er. It’s busy. That’s where this blog comes in.  It’s less formal space where I can just be goofy and try to make you laugh.

This blog is updated weekly, but I’m currently experimenting with the day of the week I update. Stay tuned! *Cue soap-opera drama music…

Canadian-born in the big T-Dot (aka Toronto, one of the major cities in Canada), but currently residing in the beautiful Prince Edward Island.   For those of you that don’t know, Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada – just a tiny Island on the east coast. Living in a tiny town has both it’s advantages and draw-backs.

God, that’s the worst description of me. “I was born here. I live here now. What more do you want from me?”  This ‘About Me’ page is like trying to answer that ever-awkward interview question “So tell me a little bit about yourself?”.  My answer to that is usually a bunch of nonsensical bullshit too.

So I’m gonna let my reviews talk for me!

Blog Reviews

DISCLAIMER: I may or may not have made up some of those reviews.

DISCLAIMER #2: Okay, I made them all up.

Anyway, the moral of the story is: subscribe to my blog. It’s good for your health. It’ll make your hair shiny.  I promise.

PS – I curse on this blog.  Like, a lot.  If that offends you, you actually probably shouldn’t read it.  Or do.  Up to you really.

PPS – I read an article that says cursing is positively correlated with intelligence. I think that means I’m, like, supes smart.

PPPS – Also, my blog won’t make your hair shiny. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I said that. Don’t sue me.

PPPPS – OMG, apparently I was born in Kingston.  Really, it’s surprising I make it through day-to-day life.


52 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Well my Darling little lady, it’s your BLOG so say anything, but someone always knows the real story, I was there when you were born. Bye the way hope your sweet little ride is still working great and you enjoy the open roads on the tiny Island in any free time you find. We always done drives and picnics, BBQ’s to explore Island culture.


  2. It’s really ironic that you you hate irony when you’re being ironic by claiming that normal is overrated and that being an adult is ridiculous when it really isn’t.


  3. yew ‘n bitterBen were gwan about the “reviews” which wreeMinedid me of an “about the author” i yoosta inklewd when submitting pieces to Running Magazeens: “the author, whose works have been rejected for publication by RUNNERS WORLD, RUNNING, RUNNING TIMES, COLORADO RUNNER, ROCKY MOUNTAIN RUNNING and some other publications …”

    The thing being that i’d put the magazeen names IN BIG BOLD CAPS SOMETIMES WITH UNDERLINES so people would notice that first and of course be MMMMprest and not bother to read the “rejected by” part.

    thing haven’t changed much, tho’ Colorado Runner has filled space (3 times) which apparently was made available due to the last-minute withdrawal of some advertiser or another, and once I got $50 from Mountain Gazette for a short story.

    I suspect you’ll do much better than that, and if not, have fun and go out in the most breath-taking flames ever seen in the blog-o-sphere whirled ~


  4. #2: if yer smart, we won’t know each other at all, hardly, for very long, just ’cause.
    #1: i used to be from PEI tho’ i’ve never been there. this started in 1970.
    #whatever: that pixure @ the toppuv yer page is not PEI. izzit?
    being publicated: i think yer jes’ gettin’ started. you could make a living at that, you know.
    the last thing i had published was, well, “for free” and it was about a late-childhood trauma about almost being dragged to death by a galloping donkey. it was, maybe, a comedy piece. tho’ true.
    we are not quite introduced (see item #2), but yes, glad you asked: i’m the guy who invented GLOBAL SWARMING.

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    • I”m intrigued, what is global swarming?!?!

      #2 I’m not very smart, so we might know each other well, for a long time! ;P
      #1: Nope, I took the picture at the top of my page on a trip to New York. I love the picture, and put it up when I first created the blog because I didn’t really have a brand figured out yet (still don’t) and it kind of stuck.
      Being publicated: would LOVE to make a living at this someday! Time will tell.
      #4: I would like to read that “nearly dragged to death by a donkey” piece of yours – got a link?

      Nice to make your acquaintance and welcome to my blog! 🙂

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      • i just, well, invented it. and lookin’ out my window, it is obvious. so i guess i “discovered” it. other people must be able to see it, just that they haven’t labeled it yet. i don’t know XXXactlee what it is, but now that i’ve invented it, i hope other people (hmm: scientistz w $$$) figure out WHAT it is, and as creator/inventor/discoverer i should get sum of that $$$.

        donkey draggarooni: it’s on my blog, somewhat recent (“an embarrassing way to die”). it was there before somebody @ Colorado Runner Mag (Summer 2015 issue) PRINTED it so i don’t think it’s on their online/internet stuff.

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  5. I like that you have trusted reviews for me to rely on. If it wasn’t for those, I probably wouldn’t have gone here. I have a mind that never turns off either, but I can’t draw so mine are mostly ideas, hoping to create them into a post or a story or a video or whatever makes people or me laugh.

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