I found a new place! Yay for not being homeless!

Also, it’s gorgeous. Totes gorge, if you will. It’s actually a little too fancy for me. I haven’t figured out how to operate the dishwasher. But honestly? I think that’s the dishwasher’s fault and not mine. When I press buttons the dishwasher refuses to respond in any way that makes sense.

I’m naming the dishwasher Scrooge cause it’s so difficult to work with.

In other moving news, I can finally (almost) fit all books onto one giant bookshelf. IT’S MY NEW FAVOURITE THING. I feel like Belle.Today is also a super exciting day! First – this blog right here was mentioned by CBC. I like that they warned people in advance about my cursing. Fair move, CBC. I feel ya.

The other fun thing happening today is that I have a performance as an introductory storyteller for the internationally award-winning Small Halls festival. It’s crazy, I don’t even know how it happened – but sometimes the universe gives you opportunities and you gotta follow them. I’m excited, and nervous. I’ve been rehearsing HARD, and I think it’s gonna be great. I think when my feet hit that stage, as the great Neil Gaiman and Jenny Lawson say, I’m just going to pretend to be somebody who’s good at it.

I’m IN this!

Wish me luck!

PS – I have helicopter stories, falconry stories, and ‘how Domino’s pretty much saved my life on moving day’ stories coming up for you on the blog roll this summer. Stay tuned!

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14 thoughts on “Ermergerd!

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    • The reporter followed my blog sometime ago, and because I’m a weirdo, I had an anxiety attack about it. I was like “Why are you reading me? How did you possibly find me? What is going on?! Am I going to have to stop writing about being an weirdo? WHERE IS THE WINE GODDAMMIT?!”

      I live in a small place, and I don’t know why, but being so out there here scares me. It took a long time to staring content to my personal networks. There was a comfort in thinking I was just some anonymous girl on the internet.

      I’ve grown a lot since then, but I guess it makes sense that this kind of stuff is still unnerving.

      Luckily, I believe in making decisions in spite of fear. I just have to remind myself to enjoy the ride.

      This is the weirdest ‘thank you’ comment ever. But I said ‘thanks girl’ to your last comment and didn’t want to repeat myself.

      So here we are.

      I blame you.

      Did I mention I was a weirdo yet?



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