A Podcast Story – Pt. 1

OMG – things are happening! Slowly, and piece by piece, but they’re happening.

You know how I’ve mentioned that I’m launching a Podcast, right?

Here’s the logo:

Our tagline is: “Completely unsolicited life advice from two thirty-somethings who have no idea what’s going on…”

And this is the icon:

You can find the website here. It tells you what this is all going to be about. Please let me know if I’m missing something or if you are left with unanswered questions. It’s just a temporary landing site – something prettier will be developed down the road.

We even have business cards…

Business cards make it totally seem like I know what I’m doing right? Right?!?!

And our Facebook just went live. Like, 30 seconds ago. Please like it so I don’t feel like a loser.

My life is still a circus and I may be homeless come the 1st of June cause I haven’t found a new place yet. So send me good vibes please!

4 thoughts on “A Podcast Story – Pt. 1

    • That sounds awesome! Can I become a complete basement dweller? Never leave the basement, and go feral? You guys can throw down chunks of meat and I’ll grill them over a garbage can fire. I’ll have dirt all over my face, and a brown dress (I don’t know why but feral women always have brown dresses in the horror movies so I assume one will just magically appear on my body after I go feral).

      Wait, is your basement finished? Cause it kinda needs to be a clay basement for this to work.

      I’m sorry. This went in a weird direction.


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