Did you guys know there are dildos with cameras?

***Full disclaimer: this post talks about dildos and vaginas. If you’re not cool with that, I suggest coming back later.***

So my techy sister and I had the following conversation:

A little while later we had this follow-up conversation:


PS – I’m really scared of the type of google searches that are going to lead people to this post.

PPS – If you’re here because you were looking for sexy time videos (aka porn), I’m sorry.



24 thoughts on “Did you guys know there are dildos with cameras?

  1. I’m not gonna “like” this, well, ’cause, um, there’s stuff gwan in/on the interweb and in outer-spayysss and in the cobwebby corners of my livid-living room that are, well, somewhat toooo remote for me to get any more involved in. I know, I know, i’m so limpid (in just one more weigh than whatcher theekin) but rite now all I want is to get over this cold, ‘cept it could be cancer, or worse yet, my brain is being high-jacked by INTELLIGENT ANTS and I feel crummier than usual.

    sigh. but I DID WANT TO COMMENT that you’re on the cutting edge of the ever-expanding outside wave of the balloon of human experience and universal expansion! keep up the good, or if not good, your inquisitive searching expository (suppository?) of where we, as a species (or izzit a “specious”?) is headed.

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    • There’s so many wonderful things in this comment – EXCELLENT use of ‘specious’!!

      First things first, is it ‘might be cancer’ in the way that I get a random pain in my leg and think it’s a blood clot and I have maybe minutes to live? Or is it ‘might be cancer’ in the way that this is a serious concern and I should panic? Those are two very different types of ‘might be cancer’.

      Second, I never thought I’d be curious about the cobwebby corners of your living room, but here we are.

      Thirdly, I’m not sure intelligent ants are thing but zombie ants TOTALLY are. Have you come into contact with any fungus lately? Don’t turn into a zombie. That would suck.

      Fourthly, I’m not sure I’m on the cutting edge of anything. I don’t seek these things out. They find me. And my curiosity problems means I can’t ignore. This is why I end up with knowledge that no one ever really needs to know.

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  2. OMG!! THESE TEXTS ARE AMAZING!! They remind me of the conversations I have with my friends and make me feel like we are not total freaks! Ha! Thanks for sharing this – I had no idea there was a network dedicated to vagina viewing. The world is seriously fucked up and not many things surprise me anymore, but this totally did!! Happy viewing to all the creeps out there. You have left me wondering what the inside of my vagina looks like. Thanks a lot, now I am going to have to look!!! 😩

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    • Did you look?!?! Cause I did, and I regret it, but I couldn’t NOT look.

      Thank you for this comment – it immediately eased my anxiety about being the weird girl who posts about camera dildos on the interest. (I almost didn’t – I really hope no one sends me anything too weird). But that conversation was too funny not to share.

      Also, the article was unclear on where the live-stream WENT. I still don’t understand why this is a thing. But I now know what a cervix looks like. I wish I didn’t.

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      • I haven’t looked yet!!! I am too scared to do it alone so I am waiting for my friend to look with me! Ha! You posting this, and me reading your texts was one of the best things that happened to me last week, so thanks for being the weird girl who posts about camera dildo’s on the internet! I love it! And I am totally with you, I have no clue why this is a thing and it scares the ever-loving shit out of me that it actually is!!!

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