I’ll take that Premium D…

***Bonus post for my other post this week just being me posting about how I can’t post and the posting is f’ked up.***

***I may have just created a blogging black hole. Also, if you followed that, congratulations! You get a sucker.***

***This is that post I was having trouble with, I wanted to add a bunch of Beauty and the Beast GIFS but WordPress won’t let me because they hate me. Or you. Probably you.***

***I’ve since found out that it has something to do with the capabilities of WordPress.org over WordPress.com. I have to import my whole blog over to .org and find hosting and a bunch of other stuff to add GIFS. The moral of the story is no GIFs for you.***

***For now at least. No one knows what the future holds.***

I’ve been pulling some crazy days lately. All my days seem to be 18 hour days, but I’m working on super fun, creative projects so it’s okay.

One of the things I’m doing is launching a Podcast with one of my best friends (I’ll tell you about it soon!) and we actually have an event booked already, which has really put the pressure on our deadlines.

Instead of our weekly meeting last night, we decided to take a break from all the hard work over the last couple of months and go see Beauty and the Beast. It was…


And not just the movie. Or the soundtrack. Which I will be singing for a week.

But the tickets… we sprung for the “Premium D-Box Seats” and could. not. stop. giggling. Because we have the emotional maturity of 12-year-olds. (For those that don’t know, the Premium D seats are the ones that move and shake and shit.)

I didn’t realize the seat could be turned up or down, and for realz, the next time I go I’m going to ‘jack up the intensity of that Premium D’.

THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!!! What?!?!?!

I’m fairly certain at this point they didn’t get named Premium D by accident.

What’s your best Premium D pun?

PS – Oh, and it’s Good Friday. Can anyone tell me what resurrection has to do with Easter Eggs, and why do they come from bunnies? It’s like religion was designed to make you stop asking questions. #zombiejesus



24 thoughts on “I’ll take that Premium D…

        • I feel ya. I’m impatient too – it’s taking a little longer cause we’re learning as we go. BUT, there will be event pictures from AfterImage! It’s slightly less lame than it sounds. We’re building a faux recording booth.

          Okay, I’m hoping it won’t be lame.


          • Tell your best friend to suck it up. We both have actual jobs and we’re still finding time to make her husband build us a recording booth. In the biz world it’s called ‘task management’.


          • I can’t stand those little asterisks that continually make me think that something good is going to happen and then the asterisk just tells you that the opposite will happen. Uggh.

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          • Thank you. I’ve had a terrible day and you and your bitterness just made me smile. *You’re The Best

            But I must say, that’s weird. Maybe it’s me who’s weird? I always assume terrible things happen after an asterisk.

            For example:

            *Batteries not included. *Money Not Guaranteed *Actual size may differ *Not safe for children *Do not super-glue eyelids shut *Use of the product may result in demonic possession *Do not mix with alcohol

            Side note: Those were listed in order from least annoying to most annoying.

            Side note x2: Yes, I’m sure about the order of the last two.

            I think they might have even been INVENTED to deliver bad news. (I assume. I actually know nothing about the invention/incorporation of the asterisk into the English language).

            I’ve been conditioned to expect bad stuff, and am always surprised to see good stuff follow.

            WAIT – if you expect good stuff does that mean you’re NOT expecting to be bitterly disappointed?! That’s out of character. IT’S LIKE I DON’T KNOW YOU AT ALL.


            Sent from my iPhone



          • I love how you said I was the best and then included an asterisk right before it. I also love that you have many postscripts in all your blog posts and now comments.

            PS. It must be pretty bad of a day, when a bitter person can somehow cheer you up. How does that even happen?


          • That’s cause I’m taking back the asterisk!! I’m a magnet for chaos and my life just imploded a little bit.

            Sent from my iPhone



          • Oh thank you! I’m a little ADD so packing for me is an adventure in being interrupted by the stuff you own.

            “Oh it’s 1:00am and I’m packing? LOOK AT THIS HAT. I must go try it on right now. And take 15 selfies with it. Oh, the lighting could be better. Cue 15 more selfies with extra light on. Now to pick the best one, and try it with every Instagram filter. Wait – lipstick! Start the whole process over again.

            Wait… how is it 3:00am?! I’VE ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING.”

            #WorthIt #I’llNeverGetMoved #I’mReallyGonnaMissMyAptLighting


          • I never get distracted SQUIRREL! when I am doing stuff. (I wonder what is going on on Instagram.) So yeah, congrats on moving. I hope you find that (man what is for lunch) living by yourself is a much better option.


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