Who else feels like a vaudeville right now?

I’m still here! Juggling too many projects. Be back soon!

On the upside, I’ll have much to tell you. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: WordPress just informed me this was my 100th post…

Well, fuck.

9 thoughts on “Who else feels like a vaudeville right now?

  1. way-ell (combn of well and wail?) at least you CLAIM to have “too many” projects — I’ve dropped back to fewer-than-ever posts due to practically (also “impractically”) hardly any projects.

    Kind of like a bellows: my mind empties, there’s a lot outside, out there. My mind fills up (or so I think) and there’s much less “out there.”

    Phew. it isn’t abby-somebody bein’ me, either.

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    • Usually I have more to write about when I’m working on lots of projects but for now I’m keeping things under wraps. And it turns out when you’re launching, like, 4 things and holding down a full-time job it’s hard to find the time for much else except wildly yo-yo between manic and crying into your pillow.

      Whodda thunk it?

      I feel like summer’s on it’s way and you’re going to start having adventures out in the wilderness and then telling us all about it. I predict your posts going up. What do you think?

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      • my usual response is to say “i try NOT to think”. un-4t-unately, THAT is prob’/y trooer ‘n more troo. duh … the wilderness comes to us! just this a.m. there were 3 wild turkeys and 3 deer in our yard, and we are one block outside uv da’ city limits …

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