I don’t know how to Ad.

I had some things recently that I needed to sell, but because I rarely take things seriously I thought I’d try and make myself laugh along the way.

dresserfutonSeriously, it’s constantly funny to me that I’m allowed to be in charge of my own life.

PS – I totally sold the dresser. Nobody wants the futon cause futon’s are terrible.

11 thoughts on “I don’t know how to Ad.

  1. sorduh no whutcha meen: we’re goin’ thru’ the mo-shunz of possession-reduxion via eBay. due to my underestimates of postage, etc., I think we have made $0 ! (better than losin’ munny).

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    • You haven’t lost money! That’s impressive, cause shipping is $$$.

      I wish you all the best in your possession-reduction mission. You got this. You are a possession-reducing machine. 🙂

      I wrote possession so many times that now I’m thinking of Exorcism. Stay away from that kind of possession. That kind’s bad.

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      • remember (every-1 duzz) the star-trek episode “the trouble w/tribils”? “Stuff” keeps multiplying about as fast as we “get rid of it”. now, XXX-or-(circum)cisn/cism mite be warranted …

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          • no ~ pleez don’t be kwy-ett, espeshullee now. you can and have and do cheer me up — esesh cuzza thingies uv wreesent. like: YESTERDAY (!?!?) we went to the dentist. She, of much more lax dental-praktissess than I, got an “A” grade and told to come back “next regular.” The hygienist tortured me FOR AN HOUR (don’t tell anybody, espesh my wife, but I partly got thru’ it by continually trying to imagine the hygienist as NAKeD) — and …. (drumroll4M-fa-sis/trumpetz blaringring): given (no kidding) FOUR MORE FOLLOW-UP VISITS to occur “in the near future”. She better be naked when I go back …

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          • Ahahahahahahaha! That’s too funny.

            I think anything you do in your own mind to get through is probably okay. Just don’t tell your wife. Or the dental hygienist. Especially while she’s got sharp objects in your mouth.

            That’s my wisdom for the day.

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