Really, not helpful.

I have a tendency to write random notes or thoughts, especially at work, and especially during phone calls or conversations. Usually these thoughts and observations get transcribed onto sticky notes. I run my life on stickies.

These stickies, however, aren’t always useful.

A prime example of this is a post-it note I found at work:

sticky-v1‘Not engaging’ seems like a pretty important note.

I vaguely remember writing this as a reaction to something (a project, maybe?) that I reviewed, but beyond that I got nothing.

So I updated the sticky with a little “note to self”.

sticky-v2PS – Isn’t it truly shocking that “young professional” is a descriptor for me?

12 thoughts on “Really, not helpful.


      Also, I looked up Saturdays on 11th. There’s one this month. Are we still in panic mode? Could it be this Saturday? Do you have to go somewhere, or is someone coming to you?

      I must know how this ends!

      Paramount Pictures is going to be all over this. I can see the trailer now.

      Oh, and welcome! So glad you like the blog. 🙂

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    • So funny – I found your blog JUST the other day through Jenny and meant to reach out! The internet world is a small place.

      Oh man, I WISH my stickies said fun things to me like “read more”. Mine are usually boring (aka work-related). And impossible to decipher. I should give them up altogether, but… pretty colours!

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  1. it’ll come back to you. perhaps in a dream. or, more likely, when you’ve fallen and hit your head and are either whact unconscious for a short while, or, whacked out-of-it addin’ on to your present degree and ‘load’ (as it were) of unconscious. yesterday, after ice-hockey (and only one post-game beer) I sat as if I couldn’t decide if I was half-asleep or half-awake at a meeting my wife had with her financial counselor and wanted me to be there.
    I haven’t gotten any better in that or those regard(s) but it is a day + some later and i’m fairly sure I haven’t killed anybody, or myself for that matter.

    not extremely engaging, is or isn’t this ‘response’?

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    • & you’re only ( i m h o ) only ‘wasting’ stickies IF most your office wall-space is covered with them. I find them sort of useful, and one big + is that they’re (sort of) easy to throw away. my wall calendar has stickies for the ‘optional’/subject to erratic and unforeseen and likely change-category events and meetings and such. like the Dr. who was supposed to call me back LASt Thursday regarding my allegedly semi-severe medical condition. (it ain’t). still haven’t called. (but I suspect why: i’m on medicare and medicare (yahoo!) don’t pay shit). I had surgery last September and out of the close to $10k which would have been billed had I been homeless or hopeless or something-less, medicare whittled it down so that my portion is $300. I bet you can’t wait ’til you’re old and decrepit like me, huh? so much to look 4-ward to …

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      • yeah, the pole eeease wooda been here by now, even in my slow ramp off the bye-&-high-weigh uv life.

        2 answear in-nuthur uv yore kwestyuns: no, not colour coordinated. i’m not eeeven gonna start to try to dee-escry bit.


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