I totally got this.

To be clear, I’ve never been a doomsday prepper. But the comfortable world we’ve built for ourselves has never seemed more at risk to me (at least during my lifetime). It’s not that I think anything in particular will happen, just that we are skating on some thin cultural ice right now.

I was discussing all this with my sister, and then a couple of days later I came across this article from the New York Times.

So, obvs, sent it to her.


Clearly, I’m all set.

PS – It might be that I’m crazy like a rich person. The difference is subtle, but substantial. Yet another indicator that I was meant to be born rich but the universe fucked up. You had one job, universe.

PPS – OR it could be subtle signs from the universe that I’m going to be super rich. I’m sorry for being so hard on you a second ago, universe. Please forgive me.

PPPS – Oh shit, what if the universe is going to hold a grudge now and not make me super rich?!

PPPPS – Dammit, I’m probably back where I started.

PPPPPS – Which is not at all totally prepared for the collapse of Western civilization.

9 thoughts on “I totally got this.

  1. I have a ‘prepper cupboard’. Everyone laughs at me. Not because I have a prepper cupboard, but because I’m Australian, and no one here says ‘Prepper’. They think I have a speech impediment and am trying to say ‘pepper’. “A pepper cupboard?? do you have salt in it too?”
    “Oh, yes, I have salt, and oatmeal, and tuna and…” then I realise what they’re saying and I change the subject to TV. “Did you watch Star Trek the other night?” Oh crap. People think you’re really weird if you watch Star Trek. (I love star trek but PLLEAAASE don’t tell).
    This conversation is not going well.
    I started a “Doomsday” cupboard (hey, I like that new name) incase someone with nuclear missiles thought we were best buddies with the Don. Our Prime Minister is brown nosing, so I’m playing it safe.
    love your posts. πŸ˜€


    • Oh. Man.

      Prepper cupboard is my new favourite thing. I’m officially bringing it to Canada. It’s a cupboard for all your prepping cooking things, right? I totally get it. (Right?)

      A “Doomsday Cupboard” is a great idea. Can I put my two cans of tuna in yours? I had three but then I got hungry whilst being lazy and I got into it. Like a lazy, slightly drunk raccoon. I’m never going to survive the apocalypse.

      PS – I’ll try and keep the Star Trek thing under wraps but juicy details have a way of getting out. πŸ˜‰


  2. but(t) in any and every given (keypen mined sum daze R’nt XXXacklee ‘given’) day there’s so much which one can do, so I treat all theez things eeek!wallee and do nuthin’. doomsday prep, uv coarse, duzz (pree)occupy (wallstreet?) my mined sum times … and, like you w/3 cans of tuna, I think I/we could last maybe a week-and-a-half. yeah: we should buy LOTS of ramen noodles …


  3. I was house hunting a few months ago and I actually felt unsafe because we couldn’t afford anywhere with either a pre-existing bunker or the space to build a bunker. Not joking. I actually thought to myself “maybe we should get a bunker” and then was disappointed and a little bit anxious when it was not feasible.

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