Technology is dumb.

I only say that because my computer is throwing tantrums like a toddler and not working right now. So I don’t have a complete post, but I sent this in an email recently and found myself hilarious, so wanted to share.

I love that you’re a fellow Canadian and totally get it! I’m drinking copious amounts of rum in an effort to deal with winter. My doctor says that that’s not how “coping” works but we agreed to disagree. Well, I agreed to disagree. She gave me an AA flyer.

FULL DISCLOSURE: None of that really happened. I just like to be dramatic. But it is winter here. And it’s terrible.


12 thoughts on “Technology is dumb.

    • You seem technologically inclined… riddle me this:

      My computer connects to other wifi connections.
      All other devices connect to my wifi.
      My computer won’t connect to my wifi.

      I don’t really need tech help (my sister is amazeballs with this stuff) but it’s the most illogical thing.

      Imma set my computer on fire. Problem solved.

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  1. wayyyelll … I woke up sumdeigh sunday mourning with the nagging feeling I should apologize for the day/night before but (of course) couldn’t XXXacklee guess what or why. but I have limited the drinking the 2 daze since then and feel better … when I wake up. I DO NOT feel better later in the day, ’cause i’m NOT artificially happier like I yoozyoo-uhlee am then. but tonight is hockey nite so beer before/during/after is m-o-l necessary.

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