I think I gave my sister anxiety.

I am 100% percent not ready for Christmas so I’m going to pretend that it isn’t happening. At least for now.


If you didn’t read about how I fixed my phone, go here first.

I got an email from my super tech-brilliant sister a couple days later with a link to that post:

It simply read: “FYI, this has caused me physically heart-wrenching death pains.”

I responded: “Was it worry for me possibly dying in a bed fire, or simply worry for the phone and my technique?” (I totally already knew the answer.)

Her: “A little bit of the first, but primarily the second. Why nail glue? Whhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy?”

I laughed for awhile when I read that – which is terrible because she was probably actually twitchy. Apparently I should have used glue specially designed for repairing phones and other electronics.

Well, dear sister, I didn’t have phone-repair glue. I had nail glue.

Love the one you’re with, ya know?

And I stand by it. It totally worked.

PS – But actually, you should listen to her advice and not mine. Your chances of dying in a bed fire drop by, like, 90%.

2 thoughts on “I think I gave my sister anxiety.

  1. I am kawminting because … I doan know why. how? ’cause I/we can. why? — well, there’s a plethora, axually’ a couple dozen plethoraz, of stuff one can do at any given (key pen mined there’s moments which aren’t necessarily ‘given’) moment so this is an example, albeit a poor one but I should be out of XXXX key yooses and feel like i’m in an out-of-control kid’s toy red wagon rollickingly rolling down the hill. to doom.

    it hasn’t been a toadullee terrible day, however. I played ice hockey with a dozen of my friends and everyone had fun. i’m still drinking beer (well, I did have one BIG whiskey) basking in the afterglow of it.


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