And then I was murdered by a demented clown.

Happy Halloween!!

I went as a sugar skull.


I even made the headband. Like, 20 minutes before I left my house.

My and my roommate. You can't really see, but she's Boy George.

My and my new roommate. You can’t really see, but she’s Boy George.











I visited a haunted mansion.

While waiting in line, a girl in front of me was asking about the bathrooms and I decided Hey – good idea lady. No one needs to pee themselves in a haunted house cause then if you are murdered by a ghost it’s a super embarrassing way to go. “She was murdered by a ghost, but it appears she wet herself sometime before that. Poor girl. Her headline shall read ‘Local girl wets herself then dies mysteriously'”. Not today, universe! So I tagged along.  The guy she asks about bathrooms gives us directions and then leaves us with this thought: “watch out for the clown”.

Way to be ominous dude.

While walking to bathroom, we introduce our selves. The bathrooms are outside and suddenly this BLOOD COVERED CLOWN jumps out of the bushes and Starts. Chasing. Us.

All sense of personal space and public/stranger propriety disappeared and and we clung to one another like long lost sisters and Ran. For. Our. Lives.

And that’s how I made a new best friend.

Or someone I’ll never see again, probably. But we’ll always have the memories. The demented, blood-covered clown memories.

I hope you all have a great Halloween! Avoid the clowns. They’re mean.

PS – I took some pictures but a lot of them were super dark cause Haunted House. Sorry, and enjoy!




































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