The Nicest Place on Earth

There was a crisis in my life recently, so I don’t have a full post for you today. Everyone is okay, and that’s the most important thing, but it’s still a tid bit* shocking. I’ve been trying to write about it but I just keep staring at a blank page. I think that means I’m not ready yet.

What I do have however, it a photo from my hometown which I think is hilarious. So I’m going to share that with you in lieu of a post:

For those that can't read that, it says "PEI is so fxxking greedy."

For those that can’t read that, it says “PEI is so fxxking greedy.”

My province is so polite that graffiti hooligans use chalk and censor their swear words.

Damn hooligans and their fxxking vandalism. (Did I do that right?)

*In keeping with the local theme of today’s post I chose tid bit. Tid bit, for any of my international friends who might be wondering, means a little bit. But that’s far too many syllables for Islanders, so we needed to shorten that shit up. Tid bit is also pronounced as one word, all together, at top speed: tidbit.


7 thoughts on “The Nicest Place on Earth

  1. Ben is being nice(r) again. I … uh, okay — WHY is P.E.I. so friggin’ greedacious?
    but(t) it’s good you “go ahead & post” when you don’t feel you have a “full” post — I (and my so-cauld(ron) blo(r)g would benefit from the more-frequent snippets ‘n sutch.) but just two daze ago (searingly sear-ee-us-lee: daze) I was wandering around the yarred in a quasi-(without the ->)-psychedelicky stoop(id)or, and the thought occurrd: i’m livvin’ da dreem!
    (not, uv coarse, sew reed all about it but mostly knot aboutttittt soon.)

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    • Frequent snippets can be good – I always try to make sure I don’t go too long without posting but sometimes life has other ideas.

      1. Totes jealous of your “quasi-psychedelicky stoop(id)or

      2. I think we’re alive so we’re all livin’ the dream. 🙂

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