Cottage Life

I have a whole post written about the Island Literary Awards, and I logged in last night to schedule it for today BUT THEN I DIDN’T HAVE THE PICTURES I NEEDED!!!! And I can’t even get them because I have family visiting and I’m staying in a cottage so I don’t have any of things I need. I fail at blogging.

I’m not that surprised though, cause I often fail at life.

I’m at a gorgeous cottage though so it’s hard to be too upset about it:


I also have this video to share with you guys.  It’s like Awesome met History and they had a baby together after a bottle of tequila and 20 ritalin:

Next week – Island Literary Awards update!

11 thoughts on “Cottage Life

  1. okay… “cottage”. hmm. guess my house duzzent kwall eye fie azza ‘cottage’. but we were in a beachside rental a couple, three, months back, and in two months will be in a cabin up in da mountinz. is that “cottage” time?

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      • yupp. both. and there had better be myee-yoo-zik, ’cause that’s what makes a party a party for me, and has for years. we’ll bring guitars, and drumz, and my harps — as i’m slightly above-average on that instrument. and i’ll take dozens of pixures and do EVERY=1 a favor and erase about 90% of them before I even consider posting. as no doubt you’ve noticed at my site …


        • Me too!!! A party without music would be weird! It would make me immediately suspicious of what ever was about to go down next. I’d be forced to assume weird sex stuff or ritualistic sacrifice.

          Either way, I’d be gonsies.


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