For My Sister

On Pain

The edges,

my edges,

are all sharp.

They prod, and they cut.

They hurt me,

it hurts,

when I move,

when I think,

especially when I smile.

The edges,

my edges,

are all sharp.

Waiting to be dulled by happiness again.

This is for my sister. Sometimes you say the most beautiful things without even realizing it.

On Pain

I wrote this a little while ago, and it’s been in my drafts as a ‘bonus mid-week’ post – but this week’s been so busy that I’m hauling it out. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled funny next week.

I also thought it was suitable this week as I’m up for that literary award tomorrow for a serious piece I wrote about grief and healing. Wish me luck! 🙂

If you feel you need a funny this Friday morning, and are sad you didn’t find one here, email me and I will personally email you a funny just for you. It will be a screenshot of something, but it will be funny.

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