I’ve been shortlisted!

I have some exciting news – I’ve been shortlisted for the Prince Edward Island Literary Awards!

I’ve never submitted anything to any type of writing competition before, so it’s pretty cool to be shortlisted on my first try. And a provincial one at that. So even if I don’t win, I’m still totally stoked about this whole thing (ie you’ll find me crying in my bourbon later that evening but I’ll totally hold it together for the Gala).

The Awards Gala is in May, and my first thought when I read ‘Gala’ was; Is it cool if I show up in jeggings or do I have to get fancy?

I have messed up priorities (which are obviously any kind of pant without a zipper, pizza, and Netflix – sometimes I think I need to re-evaluate my life choices).

I know, I can’t believe they picked me either, but here’s the proof.

In other news, here’s a great example of why I love my friends:


Because they take my weirdness and off-the-wall references totally in stride.

PS – I don’t even drink bourbon, it just seems like a “crying into” kinda drink.

PPS – For the record, a Charlie Sheen hookup indicates a matter of hours and a Taylor Swift relationship is calculated in weeks. If someone responses with “think Dracula”, that means ‘pretty much forever’.

PPPS – Please don’t sue me Charlie Sheen/Taylor Swift! I have no money. It’s not worth it.

27 thoughts on “I’ve been shortlisted!

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  3. It’s about time you got nominated for this specific award. So what is the prize? Do you get a statue to hide in your closet? Lot’s of money? Trips galore? Published in a magazine? What are the writings that you got nominated for? This blog? Other stuff? So many questions….

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    • Hahaha, thanks! It’s a previously unpublished piece that I submitted and there’s a monetary prize (which is great if I happen to win cause I’m a poor person lol). It’s a serious piece, about the complex grief surrounding my mother’s death – I’ve been really struggling after the inquest so I wrote it as a way to try to work through some of that. It’s why I’ve been quieter on the blogosphere.

      I’m vastly disappointed that there isn’t a trophy as I’d like to win one of those at least once in my life. A friend said that she would get me one and I told her she should if I lose as a consolation prize but we should put something hilarious on it. My favourite contender so far is “And the writing award goes to…

      …Not you.”

      I’ve been thinking about doing a whole post on it, if you have any suggestions!

      PS – An inquest is usually called when a court of law needs to investigate a sudden, violent, or unusual death. In my mother’s case, it was because she committed suicide while in the care of a mental institution. It’s been complicated.


      • Well, I know you have been heartsick about your mother and I don’t blame you. There’s nothing worse than losing a parent that way. I can never understand how you might be feeling. I know writing about it can help you heal and I’m glad you’ve been able to write about her and that it is a potential award winning piece. I hope the heck you win, so you can finally get your trophy. I have a hand made trophy in my house right now that I can give in congrats for making the awards. And you better win the cash prize because yours is the best piece. And if they don’t realize it, I know a guy that can help them realize how much they like it, if you know what I mean.

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        • Don’t make trophy promises that you don’t intended to keep…

          You have one of those guys? Those guys are super useful. And they did publicize who the judges are on the shortlist announcement… it’s like they want us to “encourage” the judges, if you know what I mean.


          • Fine. Let’s just say that if we ever meet in person, I will give you a trophy. But since that is highly unlikely, don’t get your hopes up.
            And no, I don’t really have guys that can encourage judges, but if you give me their email, I can send a strongly worded letter that encourages them to vote for you.

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          • Now that you’ve put that out into the universe we’re totally gonna meet a blogger conference or something. I’m awkward in person. I’m sorry in advance.

            And I’ve always wanted one of those guys, y’know, just in case? I envision him being from Boston, and being super mobster-like. If you ever meet anyone like that, send them my way. Always be prepared, right? I’m not sure this is what the girl scouts had in mind when they decided on that as their motto, but it applies here too. Thanks girl scouts!


          • Oh trust me, I’m even more awkward in person. It would be the most awkward meeting ever. It probably won’t happen because we are both too poor to go to blog conferences, but maybe someday when we start winning awards for them, they will be forced to fly us to the awards to accept them.
            As a former Boy Scout, I would need to do a good turn daily, so if I did send that guy to you, it would be considered my deed for the day.

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  4. I WILLL HAVE SUM BOURBON SOON but other than that, 4t-u-(n)-ately, i have little or no idea whatcher talkin’ (writin’) uh-bout. and that awards thing — does that come with money or free food and a plaque with your name on it to be sent into outer space? (luv-ya, regardless of how ya’ take this)

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      • I was talking to somebody just last night who’s been before, and apparently it’s super fancy so my original desire of jeans is probably out. 😦

        PS – I think this is the very problem that the world’s tiniest violin was created for.

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    • It has some cash prizes, which I’m excited about as a poor person. Very sadly, it does not come with a plaque with my name on it that gets shot into outer space, which I didn’t even know I wanted until now because THAT SOUNDS AWESOME.

      In Canada, we have provinces instead of states. So the Provincial Writers Guild puts on the Island Literary Awards every year as one of their main events. They put out a call for submissions and anyone living within the province can submit a piece to a number of categories (poetry, children’s literature, fiction, creative non-fiction, etc).

      The winners are chosen by a panel of judges, usually Canadian authors. The shortlist is the top 3-5 picks from a category. The winners are announced at a Gala dinner.

      On a related note, a friend and I were talking about how if I lose she would get me a consolatory plaque/trophy/award and we were thinking about the hilarious things we could put on it (which I might make a post out of).

      My favourites so far:

      “Ooo, guess you weren’t that good after all. You might as well go make fries at McDonald’s now.”


      “And the writing award goes too… not you!”

      Any suggestions?

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  5. Congratulations again!! We are definitely having Bourbon. I haven’t had it in forfrigginever (maybe never). Happy tears only 🙂


    • Ooo, a bourbon adventure? Count me in! Also, maybe never could also be said like “I haven’t had bourbon in so long it might as well likened to Kayne West’s love for himself” which basically means an infinite amount of time.


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