Shrines, and all that goes along with them…

Life still has me ducking for cover, so in lieu of a post today I’m going to share a wonderful comic I came across on the internet:

IMG_7584Wonderful, right? If you want to check out more of their work visit

PS – I came to the realization last night that while other girls have to password-protect dirty pictures of themselves on their phones I’m the type of girl who has to remember to delete pictures of my Sasquatch-legs off my phone.

PPS – This thought surfaced during a two-and-a-half hour long phone marathon with one of my besties when my pajama pant leg rode up and I realized that I’ve been so busy working that I’d forgotten to shave for a couple weeks. Naturally, my first reaction is “OMG my legs are so hairy you have to see this” and I immediately sent her a picture.

PPPS – I’ve always maintained that there might be something wrong with me.

PPPPS – Stop judging me.

PPPPPS – Ok fine, I’m judging me too.

PPPPPPS – On the upside, I spelled “Sasquatch” right on the first try. Take that life.

6 thoughts on “Shrines, and all that goes along with them…

  1. we used to “get” ants, and we didn’t exactly “get” them, they sometimes appear in the house, usually in the kitchen. i’m NOT going to go on about the mini-XXXplosion of flying ants out of a hole in the wall in the basement, some years back. we sometimes have mice in the house, which i think the cats actually enjoy, as they don’t really go after them but somehow this must make being inside more fun. i’d be bitter about pests/pestiferousness inside but there is so much to be bitter about excluding that. on the other hand (be-sigheds the diffyrunt phyngrrz) your legs could be hairy because, after all, you’re Canadian, right?

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    • I feel the pests are unavoidable – so I accept them. Except an invasion of flying ants. That sounds like the stuff of nightmares!

      I suppose the hairy legs could be an extra layer against the Canadian cold…

      But honestly I can’t believe I wrote about it on my blog. I’m terrible at girling sometimes. Great at gurrrling though. 😉

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  2. We had a bee the other day that was kind of digging our place so he decided to invite himself in without knocking on the door. He kicked for a little while, but decided that he wanted to leave out the window. It wasn’t working out for him so I tried to help him with a fly swatter. He wasn’t having that so he sat on me with his butt and I got stung and he died. We were both pretty bitter about the visit. I bet Sasquatch would have been a better visitor. At least he wouldn’t have tried to sting me.

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    • I will go all ‘catch and release’ on bees. I will spend however long it takes with that method because of the whole ‘bees are dying’ thing. I’ve even rescued sleepy/drunk ones from roads.

      The bees dying and the subsequent collapse of the entire ecosystem actually terrifies me. I know there are books and documentaries but I can’t watch them because then I freak out, lol. So I take the view that every bee is precious.

      I know it’s more about the pesticides probably and that my little rebellion against a million little deaths won’t make a difference, but a girls gotta try right?

      Did you know there are areas of Japan where bees are already extinct and they have to use human pollinators?

      Hornets and wasps though? I kill those motherfuckers.


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