Observations on Accidental Eye Contact: A.w.k.w.a.r.d.

Occasionally, one finds themselves making accidental eye contact with someone. Usually it’s fine, but then you have those socially awkward days where this happens instead: they smile politely at you –  mostly likely realizing that you were just spacing out, or simply glancing around when the offending eye contact occurred – and instead of smiling back and moving on with your life you look away really quickly, but then your brain WON’T STOP MAKING YOUR EYES LOOK AT THEM and then somehow you end up looking at them 20 million times out of some bizarre reflex?

You want to stop making eye contact with them so naturally you can’t stop glancing in their direction and making eye contact until finally you just have to leave the coffee shop because you can’t handle the shame anymore.

Ya, that’s never happened to me either.

I’ve never been betrayed like that by an awkward-eye-contact-neural-reflex-pathway rebellion in my brain.


I’m still recovering from life’s most recent curve balls – perhaps contributing to my recent bouts of social awkwardness – and one of things I do to cope when life throws right hooks is read things that make me laugh aloud.

Here’s something older that still makes me laugh so hard I cry every time I read it: The intoxicating effect of power by Allie Brosh over at Hyperbole and a Half.

I decided to share in case you needed a laugh too.


5 thoughts on “Observations on Accidental Eye Contact: A.w.k.w.a.r.d.

  1. My social awkwardness was made worse by the new work building we moved into two years ago. The hallways are so long that sometimes you have what seems like a two mile long hallway and you have to figure out the optimal time to just say hi and move on. It’s very painful when you or them say hi too early and then you have to figure out something else to say until they pass. It is the absolute worst.

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    • What about pre-planning your day’s follow up and then just say the same thing to everybody? You could go with average stuff like “Sure starting to feel like summer out there, huh?” (Us Canadians talk about the weather a lot) or you could embrace the weird and go with a line like “Scientists just confirmed solar flares cause earthquakes” (which is true).


      • Pre-planning would be a great idea if I was any good at planning, but I would probably practice those words and then when the time came, probably screw them up somehow, kind of like when you are going on a flight and the ticket checker says, “Have a good flight,” and I say, “You too!” I’m just so bad at remembering my lines.


  2. ran (down) dumb pschidt, indeed.
    I suspect(orate) you may not double-down on this, but(t) R’nt we awl (in varying various varieties of degrees (°) … well, socially awk (back-of) wards?

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    • I agree! I think we all are, by times, socially awkward. And even if we’re not prone to the feelings of social awkwardness, we’ve all experienced foot-in-mouth syndrome which is in itself an isolated form of social awkwardness. No one gets through unscathed, but it builds character. 🙂

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