Fighting the blues…

As you know, the past couple of weeks have been a little tough for me. If I was musically inclined I’d buy a guitar and adopt a dog named Bubba and start singin’ the blues – much to the chagrin of my neighbours, I imagine. They’d probably all get together and do me Ceaser-style after a day or two of that nonsense.

Luckily for everyone involved, the local animal shelter did not have a dog named Bubba. I believe their exact words were: “That’s an oddly specific request and could you please leave now? Your high-pitched crying is freaking out the animals”.

Leaving with my country-music-star dreams in tatters, I decided on something a little bit more immediate to perk myself up.

I booked a hair appointment.

In someone’s garage.

Because I’m also a poor person.

Let me explain: my friend found a two-for-one special on floating around on Facebook. Wait, that’s not helping…

I’ve always been of the opinion that hair is just hair and given enough time anything you do it will fix itself. So I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to trying new places, stylists, and things.

When we got to the garage though it was gorgeous. Very chic – and totally looked like a real salon despite being in a garage.

And I don’t even have a garage so I can’t judge. Also, an upside of going to someone’s house is there were puppies and kitties that we could play with.

And the best part?

She said if we came back that WE COULD BRING WINE.

That’s all the information I ever needed.

And now, because I feel like I can’t talk about going to get my hair done without giving you pictures, I present hair pictures.


The required ‘before’ shot. My hair usually looks much nicer I swear but I had just brushed out all my curls so it’s extra trainwrecky.

This is me thinking about wine. Honestly, that's like 90% of my day.

This is me thinking about wine. Honestly, that’s like 90% of my day. *Sorry for the blurry pic.

Halfway through the process.

Halfway through the process. Honestly, I thought this was a super-cool look but she wouldn’t let me leave like this. Something about ‘burning my hair off’.


End result.

End result.

End result two.

End result two.

PS – There was a power outlet in the ceiling though and I can’t figure that one out for the life of me. I forgot to ask and I feel like it’s going to haunt me until the end of my days.

PPS – Well, maybe not until the end of my days. That’s a little melodramatic. Plus I’m a little ADD so I’ll forget in like two minutes.

PPPS – Hey, is that a squirrel?!

PPPPS – What were we talking about?

18 thoughts on “Fighting the blues…

  1. FABULOUS, oh my god I’m having hair envy right meow. It looks amazing!

    “She said if we came back that WE COULD BRING WINE.”
    So. I need to move here.

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  2. It turned out great! I’m glad you could treat yo self after having a hard time. Something like that will always lift the spirits. I gonna do a P.S. since you do. Do you know how different it is when girls get haircuts and guys do? Girl gets a haircut, the rest of the office crowds around and for days is telling her how great she looks, and ever little detail is poured over, the color, the length, they style, the upkeep, the strength of the folicles, debates happen, other talk about doing it themselves, etc. A boy gets a haircut. Did you get a haircut, someone will ask. Yeah, three weeks ago. Thanks for noticing. P.S.S. I never knew your hair was so long. Goodness!

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