No Words

This week I went to my mother’s inquest. I can’t adequately describe sitting in a courtroom, hearing about my mother’s final moments in detail, glimpsing photos from across the room.

The inquest was a good thing, the jury came up with excellent recommendations to try and reduce the risk of this kind of death happening again.

I’m glad I went.

But it was hard, and I’m left feeling kind of empty.

I can’t find it in me to be funny, or introspective, or strong, or wise, or even sad in my post.

So this week I have no words for you. I’m sorry.

9 thoughts on “No Words

  1. “kind words” then!

    there was a point (not toooo long ago) i (personally) had “lost” hardly anyone. comes a time when one reluctantly picks up the phone … i don’t care who anybody is — we all need re-assurances.

    the “funny” in you which HAS TO TAKE A VACATION demonstrates that, after all, you have depth and inroads into adjoining dimensions.

    sigh. your post(s) are part of my motivation to even consider writing about similar stuff.

    Thanks ~


    • This is one of the sweetest messages I’ve ever gotten. I think it’s so important that we share these kinds of things, bring them out from underneath the rug if you will, because we have to start talking about them in order to change them.

      Thank you for your kind words! They mean a lot. hugs

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  2. You are strong and I know it is hard for you to show vulnerability. Please call, send note Facebook me anytime you want to. Love Gramps.
    Will you get a formal written report?
    Keep us up to date .


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