Too mean, Ancestry, too mean.

So I was recently procrastinating doing actual work on my computer, when I clicked on one of those Facebook links from Ancestry that’s all “Find out the origin of your family name!”

This is what came up:

AncestryAt first, I was deeply offended. I might have said aloud; “Well fuck you too Ancestry!”

Cause I’m a verbal warrior excellent at trading insults with inanimate objects. Apparently. I’m not sure I can count that as a victory.

That first sentence though.

BUT as I read on it made me want to punch my computer screen right in the face a little less.

This sentence especially, was a little cool: “English: from the Old Norse personal name Balle, derived either from ballr ‘dangerous’ or b{o,}llr ‘ball’.”

Actually, I’m going to JUST focus on that part from now on.

In fact, that’s all I remember from this whole thing.

I’m a total ballr.


PS – I had to google the meaning of metonymic. I said it.

PPS – I get you just googled it too.

PPPS – We all learned something today. This blog is totally educational.

PPPPS – I’ve already forgotten it.

PPPPPS – See? Total ballr.

16 thoughts on “Too mean, Ancestry, too mean.

  1. I had to google metonym. I’ve looked it up before, but I always forget it. I will forget it this time too.

    Ball is a kick-arse name. It’s also old-school English for big parties with silly dances.

    (I also forget how to screenshot things on my computer and have to search it. But I have the opposite problem on my phone; I keep making accidental, pointless screenshots of nothing.)

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    • Nice! I’m totally down with that interpretation of my name! Makes me feel better. 🙂

      Also – I’m glad I’m not the only one who consistently forgets how to screenshot!

      PS – I created a Facebook page for my blog (finally) and I would like to share a couple of your awesome posts there. Do you mind? (Also – feel free to like it. It should come up if you search The Far Side of Normal.)


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        • Amazing! Also, I’m not sure if your posts will show up in my feed if I liked your page while using Facebook as my page (it’s all so confusing and new lol). So if I ALSO like your page as me I’m not stalking you I swear. I just wanna see your stuff come up. 🙂

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          • Yeah, liking as a page won’t bring it up in your feed. But it does showcase that page in the sidebar of your page. And if you go through some weird back-alleys from your page you can find a pages feed which is only for pages you have liked with your page. (Facebook is weird.) Only people-likers get proper, normal updates.

            You can stalk me a little bit, if you like. I don’t think I’d mind, if it was you.


  2. Maybe if you didn’t have so many jobs, or actually work at those jobs, you would have time for more posts like me. It’s all about priorities, Sophia. If you were better at ignoring important things like me(ignoring deadlines at work, or kids at home) then you might have what it takes to post TWICE a week. But your need to be responsible is getting in your way. 🙂

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