Pretty sure it’s an alien.

So I’m still traveling this week. Hopefully I haven’t been kidnapped by Floridian bandits by now. What are Floridian bandits you might ask? I have no idea. But I AM scared of them. And awed by their super-cool nickname. Which I coined. It will provide a small measure of comfort while they torture me for more information about Canada.

Which totally doesn’t exist.

So this week I’m instead of writing a post I’m going to share a few messages with you that I thought were funny.

Hopefully you will too!

Got this message from a good friend of mine:


So immediately I text her:


And then we have this conversation as I’m writing about this whole thing:


I love my friends.

PS – For anyone wondering what the hell the gummy bear reviews are, I highly recommend you check them out. Also HILARIOUS. And mildly dangerous.

PPS – I’m dying to what Facebook sticks might look like now. Anyone a design genius out there?

8 thoughts on “Pretty sure it’s an alien.

  1. no (no) aw-fenss N-10-did, but(t) i didn’t “like” the post. there should be other buttawnz to press. like (didn’t mean that!): “annoid me sumhow” or “really hated it” (which i didn’t) or “Huh? what?” and that last one i wood-a prest. floridada, huh? Betty keeps wanting to go there — something about sand and warm and the oh-shun and oh yeah, most her family is slowly mouldering furthur into senile post-adulthood there. we’re supposedly going to sum place in mecksee-ko but we’re not really sure where, next week. and possibly for the phurst time evvurrr, i’m kNOT looking forwerd 2 it.
    where in floridada? hope ya’ don’t get toooo sunburnd. (huh? whut?!?)

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    • I’m sorry you didn’t like this post! I’ll try to do better next time. 🙂

      I went to West Palm Beach – it’s winter there too but at least no snow!

      You mentioned you’re not looking forward to your trip but I hope you have a good time! I loved this line of yours “her family is slowly mouldering furthur into senile post-adulthood there” – brilliant!

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  2. My wife told me about those gummy bear reviews. Simply amazing to read. Suffice it to say they may be a good way to get out of work?

    As far as the light, I think I might get all kinds of heartburn if it was passed to me. Of course, I get heartburn from water. It might be because of all the bitterness inside me.

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