Posting today from an unverified location…

Bonus mid-week post!

So I’m getting on a plane today, leaving my totally unverified country of origin. Traveling always makes me anxious. And oddly, not the flying part. I love flying. Also not the being there part – I love being in new places. It’s the whole getting there part. I’m terrified I’m going to get lost in the airport, or show up there and realize my passport’s expired, or be late and miss my flight.

I have missed flights before. Because I was late. Because I’m terrible at adulting.

Once, I almost missed a flight on a layover because it decided to take off early and I was in a bar drinking and chatting with the bartender and couldn’t hear them calling my name.

I only realized I almost missed the flight when I showed up at the gate and they were all like: “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! We’re about to take off!!”

I looked at the time: “Ummm, the flight doesn’t leave for another half-hour. I’m early. What’s happening?”

Deciding to take off randomly seems slightly unfair. Convenient, but unfair.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that I get anxious. Not while traveling, but before. This week has been a nightmare.

Wish me luck.

In exchange for that luck, I have a funny article for you.

I saw this come up in my news feed, and I had to share with you guys.


Here’s the link. Well worth the read!

I love Canada.

PS – Shit, I have to check on my passport now!

12 thoughts on “Posting today from an unverified location…

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  4. I nearly missed a flight once due to a taxi not showing up and other things and since then I like to be right at the gate as early as everyone else in my travelling party will allow.

    I’m not sure if you’ve seen, but I accepted your nomination for the Starlight Blogger award and also nominated you for another award. I tried to rig it so you could get a pingback … but I’m not sure if it worked and maybe you don’t know about it. Anyway. Now you do.

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    • THANK YOU! You’re the best! ;-P

      It might take me a little bit to respond – life is crazy at the moment but I’m very honoured to have been nominated back!

      Sorry for the delay in responding, apparently where I was I couldn’t get onto the Internet. On the upside, it was amazing to be totally disconnected for 5 days.

      You might be like me – if something will go awry when traveling it usually does. At least it’s good fodder for stories!

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  5. What I hate is that I sabotage myself, but looking forward to a trip, and then getting more and more sad the closer it gets because the trip I’ve been waiting for so long is finally there and will be over soon. Anyways, I also get the same anxiety you do where it isn’t the actual flight but the whole getting ready for it thing. Once I’m in a place, I’m good.

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