The Secret to Adulting

Dirty 30It’s my birthday today! TODAY.

I’m celebrating my the second anniversary of my 29th birthday, or for those of you still following along, the big 3-0. And it’s kind of terrifying.

As I draw closer to the ‘dirty 30’ I can’t help but ponder all the ways in which I’m still terrible at adulting, but I think I may have unlocked a couple secrets along the way.  And I wrote this article for G! Magazine about it.

Stay tuned next week when I write about winning an Oscar.  And also about why time-travel will lead to getting eaten by raptors. Seriously, it’s all gonna come together next week. It makes sense, I promise.

PS – Happy Friday the 13th everyone! It’s lucky for me, and it’s lucky for all of you reading this because I’m sharing my birthday luck around.

9 thoughts on “The Secret to Adulting

  1. Yeah! Congrats on being 29 twice! I had a lot of fun in my 30’s. Well at least way more fun than my 20’s. Twenties had so much angst about what I would do, who I would be etc. and the 30’s was more about being comfortable about who I was. So congrats and have a great birthday! Oh and it being Friday the 13th, even cooler. Watch out for serial killers and cats today!

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