Them’s fightin’ words Bob.

So the other day I was hobbling into my doctor’s office with my twisted ankle and busted up knee, and as I get into the elevator I spot this gem:


You know what? Fuck you Bob. I don’t need your judgement right now.

Sidenote: This whole scenario made me giggle enough that I spent 20 minutes of my wait time deleting things off my iPhone (because it perpetually tells me “not enough free space – like at all. Oh, you want to take a picture do you? Well you can’t. And not even if you delete 10 pictures, cause apparently disk space doesn’t work like that. Do you really need all this junk on your phone? Bitch*, delete some things”) so that I could take Bob’s picture on my way out because that’s how much I love you guys.

*I don’t know why my phone is so mean to me. Pretty soon, I will stand for this abuse no longer.  As soon as I grow a backbone.  Apple, I’m looking at you.**

**I’m sorry Apple, I don’t know what I’m saying. I love you. Please keep making pretty*** things.

***Pretty useless things.  Buuuuuuuuuurn.

18 thoughts on “Them’s fightin’ words Bob.

  1. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and stairs are literally hell for me and (because I look healthy) I am scared of seeing other people’s judgement when I do things like take the lift one floor or sit down when there is limited seating.

    But you know what? Even if I was healthy, I can take the lift if I so choose. Fuck this Bob guy.

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  2. Yeah, Bob is kind of judgemental. It’s like why would I go on the stairs when there is an escalator or elevator? That’s like saying take this celery or take this chocolate. Come on, we know the chocolate should be taken every time, Bob.

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