186HSometimes I look around my apartment, and all the things I’ve accumulated. I grew up in a turbulent way

next to nothing

to my name

lugging clothes from place to place in a garbage bag.

Therefore I have grown overly attached to things. Look how nice the cherry wood coffee table is. Look how shiny the flat screen TV. Look how colourful the bookcases are, filled with books

and games

and pictures

and memories.

Feel how comfy the couch, the way you sink into it like a hug from an old friend. Feel how soft the throw, wrap it around your shoulders.  Catch the heat from your body.

It took so long to accumulate all the trappings of comfort. Collect piece by piece, wait for sales. The shiny appliances

stainless steel pots

a sifter to bake soft cupcakes with.

Sometimes, a lot of times, I think of selling it all to run away on an adventure, to start all over again somewhere else.

After finally escaping new beginnings, do I truly have the courage to begin

and begin

begin again?


7 thoughts on “Begin

  1. I think pretty much the same thing. I have a corner in my house that has my video games, computer, phone charger and systems. Then my closet that has my clothes, and stuff and that is pretty much it. Those two corners of the house is all I really need. Though I have put some roots and been here for a while, if there was a fire, I would save the one corner, because I wear clothes for utility, not for fashion.

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    • Omg, I have ALL the things. Giant wicker lamps, artwork, a fancy chaise lounge chair, three bookcase and a lifetime of books (or shall I say a lifetime of lifelines?).

      Things I’m overly attached too but would love to walk away from.


      • I could pretty much fit all my stuff into a large suitcase and walk away from most of it. Though I would love to have lots of money to get nice things, especially a huge house with lot of secret passages, a sweet man cave, and a baskeball court, I probably could do with just a few things. And if anyone took my writing or blogging from me I would die.

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          • I don’t think it would ever wear off. A secret elevator under the stairs, a car garage entrance had a hydralic lift underground, the possibilities are endless. I would have them everywhere and of course not let the kids know about most of them.
            They would come in handy for me whenever I needed some alone time.

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          • I just established new life goals. They involve mob-bossing. Also? Just used mob boss as a verb so I think the day is all down from here. It can’t get better than that.


          • I’m cool with you mob-bossing as long as I’m not on your hit list. And as long as I get to see all the hidden rooms.
            And yeah, the day is way downhill from here, but not for that reason.

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