I Hate Irony

Soooo, I’m a day late and a dollar short in posting this.

This week, just a few days ago, irony found me and I wished that the meeting was just a bad blind date that I could bail on but alas no, we decided to go away for the weekend together and there is no escape from our cottage getaway.

Here’s the story: I was rushing to leave work on Wednesday, and since I left a few minutes after the building closed I had to go out the back door. What I didn’t notice was that at the bottom of the steps the concrete had a 4 inch drop-off in it. Well, as I came down the stairs, all my forward momentum behind me, my foot landed exactly half on and half off this drop-off. Thus began an unfortunate series of events.

My left ankle rolled inward, beginning my fall. Next, my right knee and right hand bore the brunt impact of my weight as I tried to catch myself. This didn’t quite work out, and I bounced off then concrete then rolled limbs flailing and I finally came to a stunned stop 5 feet from where I first fell.

I’m not clumsy but apparently when I fall I fall HARD.

I had somehow managed to injure ALL FOUR OF MY LIMBS in this one fall. I was bleeding from multiple places and neither of my legs were working properly which made the walk home super fun.

Where the hell does irony come into this story you might ask?

Well, you see, I was rushing too a… meditation class. Where I thought I might learn insider tricks to slowing down and leading a more meaningful life in the present.


This would only happen to me.

On the bright side? I can now take all the painkillers I want, guilt-free! So if this post doesn’t make sense, blame it on the painkillers. No, you can’t have some. They’re mine.

This is what my painkillers look like to me right now.  I feel like House.

This is what my painkillers look like to me right now. I feel like House.

PS – The massive amount of swelling in my ankle and knee convinced me to go a clinic and consult with a doctor. The doctor then convinced me to go to the hospital for xrays. I’m fine, so no worries! I just need a little healin’. Also, I’m very thankful to live in Canada where I have access to Healthcare so this didn’t cost me a small fortune.

23 thoughts on “I Hate Irony

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  2. I relate to this so much! I always manage to walk into walls or trip on flat surfaces somehow, resulting in an endless expanse of bruises and injuries on my legs. Love this story, and I hope you get better soon with all those pain meds 😉

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  3. Wow that sucks so hard. The ironic thing about me, is that I am so clumsy, that I have learned to fall better, so I usually injure myself less. And sorry about your fall, I know your ego was hurt too, but thanks for the laugh. As you know, every Friday I like to post gifs about people biffing it. So much so that I would have posted my son falling on his bike the first time (which I recorded) but the fates would not let me as it got erased. I so wish I could have posted your accident. But in all seriousness, sorry about your fall and hope you get better soon!

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