I’ve been published!

UPDATE: The link to the G! webpage can be found here!  Don’t be afraid to leave comments so they keep me around longer.  😉

So my first article for G! Magazine has come out, and I’m still pretty excited and shocked that a magazine is brave enough to give me free reign to write about whatever I want!  Frankly, it probably took a lot of courage on their part.  The editor did read my blog so they probably knew what they were getting into.

For now, I’ve got a link to a ‘flipbook’, which is a digital copy of the physical magazine, but I’ll update this post with a website link as soon as it’s available!

To read my very first print article, titled “Coffee Cups and Corpse Poses” click here. You need to be on a computer to view the link.  I’m on page 10 (although in the physical magazine I was page 3 – isn’t that weird?  I know nothing about the online magazines transcription process though.)

There’s a lot going on with me at the moment, my contract with the music festival people just ended so I’m in panic mode trying to find my next job!  So my apologies for writing and running, but I’ve got a job I need to apply for this morning (send me good vibes!).

On a more fun note, this weekend I’m camping at a friend’s cottage for a ‘adult camp’-themed party.  I’ve been excited about this since there was still snow on the ground!  In the middle of winter I shared this link on Facebook for booze-filled adult summer camps, which re-create the summer-camp experience but for drunken adults.  My friend saw it, and since we’re broke people (who happen to live on a beautiful Island), we just decided to do our own version!

This weekend I’m either going to kick-ass at drunk dodge-ball, or more likely, fail spectacularly.  Either way, it’s going to be fun.  I’ll try to document the experience for you.

PS – I’ve been nominated for a blogger award!  Stay tuned, because I’m PUMPED and can’t wait to write more about that!

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