Toronto Trip – Part Three

If you missed part one you can find it here, and if you missed part two you can find it here. There isn’t really a part three, because I ended up sitting next to an account who was in the process of getting their PhD and was coming to PEI to give a presentation as a part of a finance conference and he spent almost the entire flight trying to explain the “social network theory” of building more stable investment portfolios to me. Which, good on him because I’m totally a super-smart astrophysicist and understood everything he said that’s kind of like explaining the theory of relativity to a monkey who speaks sign language.  Seriously, math isn’t my thing.

BUT I did manage to snap this picture as I was walking around trying to fill time before my gate opened:

But I like technology...

But I like technology…

The iPad magazine caught my eye because my iPad is new and I want to make sure I’m using it to it’s full capability I think I just really wanted to buy something.  Clearly though, it was not meant for the likes of my feminine gender.  Probably too complicated.  So I did not buy it.


I snapped a pic of the women’s section for comparison.  Seriously, not one of those magazines interests me.  I suck at gardening, burn everything I bake, and Cosmo is just the same articles over and over again with different titles.  Spoiler: none of the sex positions are new.  I’ll stick to the ‘men’s’ section, thanks.

Until next time Toronto, it’s been a blast!


PS – Stuff, found in the men’s section, is one of my favourite magazines ever. It’s hilarious.

PPS – I totally gave finance accountant guy gum and I think that makes up for me karmically for bumming gum on my first flight.

PPPS – The guy I bummed gum from on the first flight totally avoided eye-contact with me on the descent.  Which was wise.  Because I would have bummed more gum.  For more on this, read part two.

PPPPS – I also had a really loud conversation at my gate with my sister about how much of a hypochondriac she is and became super loud Bluetooth guy from the first flight.  For a super-sleuth picture of him taken by yours truly, check out part one.

PPPPPS – Actually, come to think of it, this trip book-ended quite nicely.

PPPPPPS – Waiting to get off the plane is THE WORST part about traveling.

PPPPPPPS – I’m done now.

PPPPPPPPS – Probably.

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