No Google. Just… no.

So you know how when you’re Googling something Google is all like “Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  I totally know what you’re going to search for!  Did you want this?!”  and then it populates a list of CRAZY suggestions?  As if, we as a people have collectively lost our minds and Google is like “It’s alright you little dears.  I know that you’re all on drugs.  It’s the only explanation for your collective search history as a people.  Here, let me make this easier.  I’m sure just typing is hard enough.”  and you’re like “no, no, NO Google!  I was NOT going to type that next!”

For example, I recently started to type into Google ‘how much did’ and glanced down at the suggestions.  The second suggestion caught my eye and I was like “no… it can’t be.”


So I clicked it.

And it WAS.  IT WAS.  It was a holocaust pun.  Wrong on so many different levels.  So naturally I called a friend and told her to hop on Google, and dragged her down the deep dark hole with me.  Then we got lost in the wrong part of the internet for half an hour.  By the time it was all over, I forgot what I was Googling in the first place.

Thanks Google.  You’re useless.

And kind of terrifying.

3 thoughts on “No Google. Just… no.

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