Where the hell did January go?

Well it’s now the beginning of February so in classic Sophie-style (late and incredibly un-timely) I think that means it’s New Year’s resolution time!  I don’t think I’ve ever stuck to a New Year’s resolution in my entire life (because I have a problem with follow-through and a year is a long time guys) so this year I’ve decided to make more achievable New Year’s goals.

My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Make a New Year’s post, but blog it a month late (Bam! I am rocking this list already!)
  2. Go outside occasionally, and do stuff sometimes
  3. Eat more green things
  4. Write more
  5. Paint more
  6. Draw more
  7. Create more
  8. Laugh often, complain less
  9. Stop pretending I’m going to drink less
  10. Spend more days in my pajamas
  11. Finish a marathon (a Netflix marathon)
  12. I don’t really have a 12th, but ending on 11 seemed weird

Well this seems achievable.  We’ll see though.


PS – Spell check assures me that while ‘un-timely’ is not a word, ‘UN-timely’ most decidedly IS a word.  I think my spell check is on crack.

PPS – There’s also an ant stuck in my cat’s water-bowl right now.  And of course my cat won’t take care of it because he refuses to be a productive member of this household.  I don’t know how that’s relevant, but it is.

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