I found a note in a wooden wall – Part 2

So remember when I went out and found a note in a brick wall?  Well apparently that’s a thing, because I went out last week and found multiple notes in a wooden wall.  So this might become a running series people.

See?  Proof.

See? Proof.

AND, these notes were much better!!


So, if you can’t read these they say:

Note #1: “You are probably eating the Korma.”.  And you know what? I totally was.

Note #2: “Congratulations, you found the secret notes.  You must be pretty awesome.”.  Well, I like to think so.

Note #3: “If you think everything you’ve done is great, you’re probably dumb. ~Louis CK”.  Well, way to be judge-y, secret wall note.  If you’re so smarty pants, why couldn’t you come up with an original funny thought to go in the wall?  Umhmm.  I thought so.

AND, I left a note of my own to go with them!

Await further instructions.

Await further instructions.

So, if you haven’t read the first post yet, go check it out here, because I’ve decided to leave comments open until I go back to that particular restaurant and then I will add one of your notes to the wall.  If I don’t get caught and kicked out in the process that is.

SIDENOTE: I’m still sick as hell but on the rebound so you’ll be getting more words from me soon.  Somebody send me cold & flu medicine.  Or morphine.  Your choice really.

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