I found a note in a brick wall

So I was having dinner with a friend at a local restaurant when we saw something strange sticking out of the wall.  At first glance it almost looked like a cigarette stub but it couldn’t be that unless the staff was getting completely unruly after the restaurant closed and the patrons left.  In which case… I’d wanna score an invite.  Especially if it included access to the rare and elusive open bar.  Upon closer inspection it looked like it might be a note.  I felt the curiosity burst forth almost immediately.  Could it be a note?  What did it say?  The possibilities were endless.  I gingerly pulled it out of the wall and carefully unrolled it.  It was indeed, a message hidden in the wall.

At first we had no idea what it was.

See? Totes looks like the end of a cigarette. The fun kind of cigarette.

That's what it said? Really?

That’s what it said? Really?

For those of you who can’t read it, it says “Mom’s Birthday Jan, 21 Tuesday 2014”.  Which was, honestly, kind of a let down.  It could have said any number of things that would have been more interesting than that.  I comfort myself with the thought that it was a small, sweet kid who had yet to develop a sense of humor and just learned how to write thus doesn’t yet know that days of the week are always capitalized. ( Am I the only person that irrationally bothers?)

I was disappointed, so I decided to come up with a list of 10 things that would have been more interesting to read on a note found in the wall of a restaurant:

  1. Help!
  2. Don’t eat the fish here.  Trust me.  This is the new Yelp! review.
  3. Don’t dine and dash – it’s wrong and you WILL get tackled to the ground.
  4. Act natural – they’re watching.
  5. Blackbird to cobra: The fox is in the hen house. Activate contingency plan C.
  6. This is the real platform 9 & 3/4.
  7. The safe is in the back.  You know what to do.
  8. This is a dream.
  9. Will you marry me? (This might possibly be entertaining to watch)
  10. The bodies in the basement are not mine.


Leave suggestions for things the note could have said in the comments and I’ll pick the best one and post it here next week.  And the next time I go back I might even stick your message in the wall.

UPDATE: Ok, I’ve totally decided to leave comments open and the next time I go back to the restaurant I’ll pick a winner to go back into the wall, document the whole thing for proof, and blog about it.  If I don’t get caught and kicked out in the process that is.  And it could be awhile before I end up back there, so comment away!  There are no rules (this is just for fun) so even leave multiple comments if you want!

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