I Love Graffiti – Part 1

Ok ok, I realize I haven’t posted part 2 to the New York, New York trip yet but I’m a total asshole completely untrustworthy getting there.  I swear!


I love graffiti.  I really do.  Graffiti is actually one of my favorite photo themes when traveling.  Great graffiti can be artistic, thought-provoking, or funny.  I love it all.

Following is my favorite stop sign in my neighborhood:

Is it in your head now too?

Is it in your head now too? Seriously, I CANNOT walk by this sign and not get that song stuck in my head.


Obviously some graffiti can also be an eyesore or a public nuisance.  Not all graffiti is amazing.  If fact much of it seriously makes me fear for our educational system – but you can also often discover something great.

PS – If you are a law-enforcement official, or will otherwise yell at me for condoning vandalism, let me just say that I was totally kidding.  I hate graffiti.  It’s bad.  We should make all youths caught participating in the production of graffiti do community service clean our cars and rake our leaves.  I’m totally with you.  I was only loving it ironically.  Which means I don’t love it at all.

PPS – I think?  I don’t know how one would ‘ironically’ love graffiti.  I was just saying it cause everybody tells me that’s how the hipsters love things.  And I’m pretty sure that means they don’t actually love whatever it is that they’re ‘ironically’ loving.  I don’t really know.  Hipsters are confusing.

PPPS – I’ve gotten totally off-topic.  The moral of the story is graffiti is awesome!

PPPPS – WAIT!!  I mean, the moral of the story is it’s not awesome.  Fuck.

PPPPPS – I give up.

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