I’m an Idiot.

So we’ve all had those moments where we do or say something completely idiotic, and then you’re like “WTF, me?”  but you don’t answer yourself because that would be crazy. Wow, I’ve gotten off point already – this is gonna be a fun post.  Good luck.

Right. Idiotic moments.  I’m back.  I once had one that lasted a year and a half.  No joke.  Think about that the next time you have one of those moments and want to immediately feel better about yourself.  You’re welcome.

A few years ago, they had these commercials on TV for Canesten.  They advertised themselves as the ‘one pill solution for vaginal yeast infections’.  Now, up until this point in my life I’ve been very lucky and haven’t had to deal with that issue (although I know that many women do – it’s very common and so not a big deal).  Here’s where it got complicated for me.  These commercials would run, and at the end they would say “now comes with an easy applicator” and they would show this:

Canesten ApplicatorAnd honest-to-God every time it ran, for the life of me, I could not figure out why anyone would want a plastic pill holder.  I mean, if you have a yeast infection and have to take a pill for it I guess it’s kind of nice that it would come with accessories like a “pill holder” – but it seemed completely useless and frankly a waste of plastic (and it wasn’t even pink and pretty – useless accessories should at least be pretty).  These were the idle thoughts that ran through my head every time I saw that commercial run.

This went on for far longer than it ever should have.  Then one day – in the middle of a party of all places – the commercial came on and suddenly I got it.  It hit me all at once.  I GASPED, and exclaimed “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”.  Understandably I also suddenly had a room full of people giving me strange looks and asking what the hell I was going through.  I had to explain that all this time I had just automatically assumed that this treatment was oral without any thought (I mean, you take pills right?) and that I had just figured out the secret of the applicator.

I’m an idiot.

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