I honestly have no idea what this blog’s going to be about.

So I’m sitting on my friend’s deck and having a few drinks, as I find myself doing more often that I care to admit, and we’re discussing my blog.  Yes, this very blog right here.

She asks me: “What’s your first post going to be about?”

I’d been asking myself this question too.  One of the reasons I started this blog was that recently, my mother committed suicide.  It’s been hard to deal with, and I thought that occasionally writing about it could be therapeutic.  But I also just really like telling funny stories, so I thought I might also talk about that time I duct-taped paper towel into my shoes in an attempt to build arch support into them.  I told her as such.

She immediately burst out laughing.  “So… your first post is either going to be about your mother’s suicide or about the importance of good footwear?!”


3 thoughts on “I honestly have no idea what this blog’s going to be about.

  1. You should probably just leave now, before I suck you in. I’m also testing my comments. I’m sorry you had to read this. This comment – not the post. Although maybe I should be sorry about that too? Crap, I’m confused again.


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